Perfect your onboarding operations
Get seamless access to complete product data in 5 clicks
No more emailing spreadsheets with product information.
First-hand data ensures the best data quality.
E-optimized – eliminate the need for manual merchandising.
Get data customized to local templates.
Reduce your onboarding lead-times by 95%.
Complete product data the way you want it
Access e-optimized Brand and Distributor data in all the formats you require, without cost. Save time by downloading standardized formats for complete, quality assured and perfectly structured product information, reducing merchandising activities by 90%.

Read more about the e-optimization process here
Cut lead-times with fully automated product onboarding
Shorten lead-times with up to 95% with SQARP’s customized data collection feature. Fully automate your onboarding process with data tailored to your local import templates or API-schemas.

Data Customizations:
● Unlimited target templates
● Image customizations
● Document customizations
● Localized categorization
● Description configurations
● Product relations tailoring
● Custom variant packaging
● Local title rules
● Attributes management
● Custom data quality thresholds
Onboarding becomes a bottleneck

Onboarding new products requires lots of hustle. Collecting data, iterating with partners, merging and formatting spreadsheets to make information ready for importing. This results in lengthy publishing lead times, incomplete assortments and poor data quality which in turn leads to lower conversion, more product returns and bad customer experience.

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Save time with e-optimized data ready for publishing

Skip unnecessary formatting and get all the data you need with just a few clicks. Achieve scalability in your onboarding operations with product data in e-optimized formats from a single source.

Data quality is lagging behind

Driven by high-touch and ad-hoc onboarding processes, data quality is lagging. Content is being filtered in the process and there is high risk for human errors.

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Increase quality with first-hand data

Get access to a complete set of first-hand data directly from partners in the right formats without any filtering. Achieve beautiful online presentation with minimum effort and optimize conversion, SEO and return-rates.

Lifecycle management isn’t working

Keeping track of large assortments over time can be a challenge, especially since the full assortment isn’t always allowed to be live at the same time. If published products aren’t up to date it will result in lower conversion rates and an increased number of returns.

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More control with automated notifications

Get automated notifications when new assortment is available and when data has been updated on published products. Ensure that assortment releases are on time and that the right assortment is always available for consumers.

Question: what’s e-optimization? Answer: data tailored for e-commerce
All products entering the SQARP platform pass through our e-optimization process. We standardize, enrich and ensure the quality of all product data we receive to make sure all parts of the product information is ready for e-commerce use.

E-optimized product data removes the heavy lifting needed to get data ready for publishing.
This includes:

● Product page groupings
● Standardized categorizations
● Media format harmonization
● Inspirational entity creation

Designed in close collaboration with retailers to achieve seamless assortment onboarding.

Read more about the e-optimization process here
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