Distribute full scope product information
Make product content available in just 15 minutes
No more emailing spreadsheets with product information.
Stop being the content middleman and focus on your core business.
Reduce assortment onboarding lead-times by 95%.
Let your brands provide the content.
Retake control with SKU-level monitoring of products in partners channels.
Remove all manual hustle
Simplify the data onboarding process and reduce lead-times by 95%. Share complete sets of first-hand product information from brands and offer a one-stop-shop where your retail partners can access complete e-optimized datasets in every possible format with just a couple of clicks. No more sending spreadsheets via email ever again.

Read more about the e-optimization process here
Complete assortments faster
SQARP bridges that gap between brands, distributors and retailers. Connecting content and product data directly from brands with logistical information from your system. This helps you to shorten publishing lead-times and combined with high quality data directly from brands provide better consumer experience, higher conversion, and fewer returns.
Onboarding is complicated & slow

You have a large product catalog consisting of multiple brands. Publishing them in retail partners’ channels is complex and time consuming since every retailer has their own requirements.

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Increase quality and save time

Enable seamless onboarding with complete product data directly from SQARP in every possible format. Saving time for everyone.

Low quality data generating bad consumer experiences

Brand product data is often onboarded and filtered twice. First through the distributors’ systems and then through retail partners’ systems causing low data quality. This leads to lower conversion rates and higher risk of returns.

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Avoid unnecessary filtering and increase quality

Give retailers access to first-hand product information in formats designed for e-commerce via SQARP. Avoiding unnecessary filtering and ensure that your retail partners have complete content.

The lifecycle issue

Keeping your catalog up to date in partner channels is a huge challenge. Checking and double checking that new products are online, updating existing products and looking for which ones should be taken down is a full time job resulting in a lot of emails and spreadsheets.

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Seamless access to updated product data

With SQARP, partners are automatically notified of all catalog changes and can seamlessly adjust their assortment thanks to direct access to complete content. You can also monitor your assortment in partner channels and keep track of their performance.

The distributor situation
In absence of a physical product, effective e-commerce relies completely on digital product information for enabling marketing towards consumers. However, at the heart of it, it’s still a logistical challenge.

Extensive product catalogs from many different brands strengthens your offering, but it also requires managing and distributing massive amounts of product data.

This is where SQARP comes in, connecting e-optimized product data from brands with logistical data from distributors to better serve retailers’ needs.
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