Make your products seamlessly available for all your e-commerce partners
Distribute product information without a single spreadsheet
The right product data available for your partners on-demand.
Optimize exposure – no more filtering of data during onboarding.
Automatic distribution of new assortment and data updates.
Enable partners to offer your complete assortment with e-optimized data.
Retake control with SKU-level monitoring of products in partner channel.
No more emailing spreadsheets back and forth.
Get your products online faster
Make your complete assortment data available for all your partners with just a couple of clicks. SQARP allows you to make all your data available at your partners’ channels with exceptional quality. Ensure that your products are always beautifully presented to consumers, reduce return rates, increase product page conversion and offer a superior consumer experience.
E-optimization – data tailored for e-commerce
We tailor your data to make it perfectly fitted for e-commerce. All forms of product data (ERP and PIM data, PDFs, images, links, videos, languages, variations, etc) is stored on the SQARP plattform and optimized for every possible e-commerce channel. We call this the e-optimization process. The data is then managed, and distributed in the SQARP platform so that you can monitor assortment and manage your e-commerce partners without spreadsheets.

Read more about the e-optimization process here
Slow & painful onboarding

Getting products online is a long and complicated process. Usually, it requires manual formatting, spreadsheets over e-mail with multiple partners creating an unscalable cluster of time consuming work.

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Faster access with e-optimized data

With all your data on SQARP you decide what assortment each partner should be allowed to access. Making best-in-class data, complete with inspirational content and all data your partners need accessiable at the press of a button.

Incomplete data and bad customer experience

Adjusting data to retailers’ requirements is always a challenge. Data points are being filtered out and some products never make it to the retailers’ channels, which results in bad customer experiences and sales.

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Save time and get better quality

E-optimized data from SQARP’s platform tailors the data to every possible format that retailers require making it easier to import for all your e-commerce partners. Partners can also get data customized to their local templates and API schemas saving valuable time for both you and all your partners.

Which products are published where?

If you have a large catalogue and a handful of partners, product monitoring quickly becomes an unmanageable process. What is published and where? Which products are online? And is the catalog up to date?

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Better product monitoring

Keep track of your assortment in your partners’ channgels, and follow your exposure in real-time so that you can quickly act once your partners don’t comply with your assortment strategy.

Less friction, more publishing
The e-optimized format is designed from the requirements and preferences of hundreds of retailers and their systems. Making your data exceptionally easy to understand and ingest. This removes manual work completely, so that there is no friction, manual formatting or wasting of time. Simply put, less efforts between you and your partners when publishing assortment.
It takes two to tango
Successful data distribution usually involves two companies, two different systems and two separate manual processes for formatting data. A Brand Data Partnership is the bridge between these contradictions and you measure the results by the exposure of your products in retail, both by assortment completeness and by data quality. To achieve great onboarding outcomes, we need to make the process seamless for you as well as your partners, which we have.
Getting started
Getting started is easy, requires no IT-involvement and usually takes 2-3 days. And it’s always free-of-charge.
Drop your unformatted product data in your SQARP brand data bucket (no format requirements).
SQARP onboarding team makes required mappings to get data into the platform.
Done. You’ll get credentials to view and manage your assortment and can start distributing data to retailers right away.
Pricing is based on the number of SKUs, connected partners and languages. Request your individual price quote using this form.
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