Grow your business by achieving digital data excellence
Companies that achieve digital data excellence see sales grow +50% while reducing admin costs by 90%.
E-optimization is SQARPs methodology for permanently helping companies reach digital data excellence - in 4 weeks, without major investments, and without changing existing systems or organization.

1) Review

Gap-analysis between digital data excellence and structure/data in existing internal systems. Report with roadmap of clear required actions.


2) E-optimization

Execute roadmap by consolidation, cleaning, standardization, quality assurance and enrichment of data to reach digital data excellence. Alternatives are available from self-service to fully SQARP managed.


3) Migration & Hand-over

E-optimized data migrated to SQARP Platform, we introduce relevant features for data management and improvement potential going forward.

Ready to rock
With E-optimized data in SQARP, companies can instantly start leveraging our broad suite of tools including Data Distribution, E-commerce, and Data Labs.

Trusted by
Here are some of the over 200 companies e-optimized thus far.
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